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Photo by Federico Peña

La Usina del Arte (2014)

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Marco Sanguinetti was born and resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Pianist and composer, he has released the albums: Improvisiones (2005), Los procesos de Franz (2008), El Otro 

(2011), Ocho  (2013), Cómo desaparecer completamente (2016) versions of 

Radiohead's music, 9 (2017), Inmoral (2019) inspired on Gustavo Cerati's music and produced by Tweety González, and 

Diez (2023).

Recognized by the international press as a creator “of a new jazz genre”, according to the site All About Jazz.

From 2008 to the present he has composed music for several contemporary dance works as part of Cía Móvil. He also created the music for the play Materials (2016) directed by French choreographer Pierrik Malebranche for the National Contemporary Dance Company.

Sanguinetti has been part of festivals and showcases: New Argentine Music 2013, Buenos Aires Jazz Festival (2013), Solidarity Jazz Festival (2014), Tribute to Cuchi Leguizamón at the CCK (2017), among others. He played in several Sofar Sounds gigs in Buenos Aires and New York, in addition to giving concerts at the Argentine Embassy in Washington and the Consulate of Argentina in New York. He opened The Bad Plus (2014) and Battles (2019) shows in Argentina.

His albums “Ocho” and “9” were nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards in the 2014 and 2018 editions respectively for the packaging design by Laura Varsky. In 2016 and 2017 he was selected Musician of the Year, Best Pianist and Best Composer in the annual survey of Argentine jazz journalists organized by the site El Intruso. In 2019 the french label Wagram Music released Radiohead in Jazz including 2 of his versions.


Photo by Claudio Esquivel

Sala Argentina CCK (2016)


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3 - diez_vinilo contra_edited.jpg
2019 - Inmoral (40x40 150dpi).jpg
Inmoral - Marco Sanguinetti (pack abierto).jpg
9 - Marco Sanguinetti (vinilo frente)_ed
9 - Marco Sanguinetti (cd abierto).jpg
9 - Marco Sanguinetti (afiche vinilo).jpg
Marco Sanguinetti - 8 (Vinyl and CD) 02 72dpi.jpg
8 - Lámina CAMINO b.jpg
8 - Lámina CLARAMENTE.jpg
8 - Lámina NO LO SABEMOS b.jpg
8 - Lámina RUEDAS.jpg
El Otro (40x40 150dpi).jpg
El Otro - Marco Sanguinetti (pack cd)_ed
procesos 16.JPG
Los Procesos de Franz tapa y contratapa pack.jpg
Improvisiones - Marco Sanguinetti (pack



Mark Sullivan
All About Jazz - USA

"Marco Sanguinetti has crafted an individual sound, with one foot in the populist jazz piano camp (e.g. Esbjorn Svensson's e.s.t.., GoGo Penguin) and the other in minimalist New Music (e.g. Nik Bärtsch, Steve Reich). It's an interesting place to be"

Troy Dostert
All About Jazz - USA

"Sanguinetti’s strategy largely
involves making subtle creative choices that tease out new
dimensions of the music"

Sammy Stein

Something Else Reviews - UK

"Listening to Marco Sanguinetti is like stepping through a portal into a world where strange rhythms, counterpoints and chords entwine to create mesmeric music I have ever heard"

Annual survey of Argentine

jazz journalists (2017)

1st Best Musician
2nd Best Album (9)
1st Best Composer
1st Best Pianist

Marcelo Morales
El Intruso - ARG

"Marco Sanguinetti ha encontrado un sonido, una impronta, un estilo que le son propios, que le pertenecen, que lo identifican. El esqueleto de su música es el jazz, pero un jazz que se torna irreverente, desprejuiciado, rebelde, prepotente, desafiante, arriesgado, permeable"

Geno Thackara

All About Jazz - USA

"Argentinian pianist Marco Sanguinetti
lands firmly in the “honorable” category with this double CD (Cómo Desaparecer Completamente)"

Eyal Hareuveni

Salt Peanuts - ISR

"Sanguinetti matches beautifully classical, romantic music with the immediacy of jazz improvisations, and unpredictable yet always clever interventions by Migma"

Annual survey of Argentine

jazz journalists (2016)

1st Best Musician
1st Best Album (Cómo desaparecer completamente)
1st Best Pianist
2nd Best Composer
2nd Best Live Performance

Sebastián Chaves

La Nación - ARG

"Si algo define y diferencia a Marco
Sanguinetti respecto del resto
de la escena jazzera local,
es su conciencia situacionista...
Él propone una deriva musical por la
psicogeografía porteña actual"

Santiago Giordano

Página 12 - ARG

"Uno de los nombres más interesantes de esa música que se produce en Buenos Aires y que, a la espera de rótulos más precisos, descansa en el término jazz"

César Pradines

Clarín - ARG

"De ese continuo proceso de expansión que vive la escena musical porteña,
el pianista y compositor Marco
Sanguinetti es uno de los artistas cuyos proyectos asoman con mayor fuerza”

Annual survey of Argentine

jazz journalists (2013)

Best Composer
2nd Best Album (Ocho)


Photo by Julián de la Vega

Sala Argentina CCK (2016)



MIGMA turntable

Marco Sanguinetti (foto x Pablo Astudillo) 02.jpg
Ezequiel Dutil (foto x Pablo Astudillo).jpg
CCK (foto x Pablo Astudillo) 03.jpg
Tomás Babjaczuk (foto x Pablo Astudillo).jpg
Migma (foto x Pablo Astudillo).jpg
Belén Echeveste (foto x Pablo Astudillo).jpg

Photo by Pablo Astudillo

La Cúpula CCK (2023)



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